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Facebook Used to Kidnap, Traffic Indonesian Girls

Although no solid data exists, police and aid groups that work on trafficking issues say it seems to be a particularly big problem in Indonesia.

Phil Schiller iPad Mini

Will Apple’s iPad Mini Steal Microsoft Surface’s Thunder?

Will Apple’s latest iPad offerings overshadow the Microsoft Surface, or has Apple lost its innovative touch?

(Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Qatar: Rich and Dangerous?

How does a wealthy midget with two potentially dangerous neighbors keep them from making an unwelcomed visit? You have someone bigger & tougher to protect you.

Customers visit a BlackBerry shop in a shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. Feature phones are the majority in the country, and smartphone users are a small minority. (AP)

Indonesia a Big Market for Feature Phones

Feature phones are extremely popular in Indonesia, where smartphones are lagging behind. It’s either a difficult digital divide or a big opportunity.

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at the Apple Developers Conference in San Francisco, in this June 2012 file photo. Apple and Samsung are battling out patent-related lawsuits in a California court (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma).

What Apple vs. Samsung Trial Means for Innovation & Progress

Forcing competition to go back to the drawing board is not necessarily bad, but if the motivation is to simply avoid lawsuit, it could lead to ugly hacks.

Flooding at the University of Sto. Tomas (Photo credit: Kenneth Dimalibot/Instagram)

Metro Manila & Luzon Provinces Flooded; How Can Social Media Help?

In the light of the flooding situation in Metro Manila, have Filipino netizens been able to use the Internet and social media effectively in mitigating risks?

Photo shows a Huawei booth at CeBIT 2012 in Germany. While starting to dominate the telecom equipment industry, Huawei is under criticism for potential security threats. (Photo Credit: AP)

Huawei ‘Spooks’ Governments Due to its Dominance

Huawei, which has grown to become a dominant telecom equipment provider, is constantly under threat because of what some might call China-bashing.

In this photo taken on July 31, 2012, Isaac Mao, a well-known Chinese blogger and the founder of Sharism Lab, a social media research group, works on a computer in Beijing. Mao had more than 30,000 users when his Weibo account was deleted in June after he made a series of questioning remarks about China's space program. (AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan)

Online & Outspoken: China’s Microblog Craze

China’s leading microblog Sina Weibo: will it drive political change and democratic reforms, or is it a brilliant new surveillance tool for the government?

Did Apple knowingly use Samsung data technologies without permission?

Standards-Essential Patents & Destruction of Evidence In Apple vs. Samsung Patent Wars

The theme of the Apple vs. Samsung patent wars seems to be escalation, with both parties pulling out the big guns in an effort to win the courts (and dollars).

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

China’s Manufacturing Advantage Under Threat From AI, 3D Printing & Nanotech

China’s manufacturing dominance may soon wane, with the advent of smart robots, 3D printing and nanotechnology. Should China be worried?


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