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Just how important is the cloud for business?

With the increasing need for faster collaboration and better access to data, cloud computing has become an integral part of business today. Across different industries, the requirements also vary. Some businesses would only…

Cloud computing

5 technology innovations that make working together possible

Remote working offers benefits, like flexibility, increased productivity and faster collaboration. Here are a few innovations that make working together possible even through distances.


Microsoft Office 2013 Installed Previewed, Loved

Beyond the obvious Metro-fied UI which left me slightly petrified for like a few minutes, Microsoft Office 2013 grows on you.

Marissa Mayer at TechCrunch50 in 2008 (Photo credit: TechCrunch50-2008 / Flickr)

What Does Marissa Mayer See at Yahoo! That We Don’t?

Mayer has announced her departure from Google to Yahoo! and her pregnancy in the same breath. Some think she is on crack, others, a brilliant tactical play.

(Photo credit: Shutterstock).

Asia Pacific CEOs Increasingly Brand & Social Media Aware

CEOs in Asia Pacific corporations are found to be more aware of brands, and more likely to respond to social media inputs in their respective businesses.

(Photo copyright Abe Olandres / Tech Wire Asia)

Samsung Targets Enterprise Market with Android SAFE Initiative

Samsung assures enterprises of security and efficiency with its SAFE initiative, targeted at business users. This will ship on the latest Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Aside from running the world's biggest domain registrar, hosting and internet services business, Go Daddy's various interests include sponsorships in events like automotive racing. Go Daddy wants to set up shop in India, and considers the BRIC regions a priority market for global expansion (Photo credit: Hodag Media /

Go Daddy Plans to Set Up Shop in India

Go Daddy considers the BRIC countries as priority markets for global expansion, and plans to set up shop in India to serve the enterprise and SME market.

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Is Your Business Ready for IPv6?

The future of the internet has arrived, and businesses should be making provisions accordingly. Is your business ready for IPV6?

Are Asian Americans under-represented in corporate America? The concept of the so-called bamboo ceiling says it's a problem with perception and a preconceived notion that Asians are super-smart, but lacking in social skills. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

Asians in the American Workplace: Breaking Through the “Bamboo Ceiling”

Are Asian Americans under-represented in corporate America? It’s likely due to the perception that Asians are super-smart, but lacking in social skills.

Server Racks in Datacenter-w630

Enterprise & IT Architecture Excellence Awards Set for July

The Enterprise and IT Architecture Excellence Award is designed to recognize and reward organizations and individuals for their work in enterprise technology.


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